Elevage du Rouet

How it all started... 

The story begins with a discrete but wise man, who devoted his life to building a nice farm, Louis Fardin, born in 1912, from a farming family. In 1920, his father came to rent the Grand Rouet farm in JUILLEY. In this region, at that time, the horse was only assigned to work the land. In 1937, Louis succeeded his father and developed the farm.

In 1965, Louis finally bought a mare, PERLE DE NORVAL (RANTZAU, PS, and HAUTESSE by BOUTON D'OR), six years old, full of REVEUR and with foal BEL AVENIR at side. PERLE will give several products including 2 daughters who will have the most impact on the breeding, BADINE DU ROUET (BEL AVENIR) born in 1967 and MILADY DU ROUET (QUASTOR) born in 1978.

BADINE has a very prolific offspring, she has especially distinguished herself through her daughters, such as GLOBULE (TIGRE ROUGE) who gave Louis FARDIN son 15 foals but especially MESANGE DU ROUET (STARTER) and dam of international winners UNADORE DU ROUET (J'T'ADORE) and BALOUBET DU ROUET (GALOUBET A). After BADINE, the second daughter of PERLE DE NORVAL to be bred by Louis Fardin is MILADY DU ROUET (BLUP + 15 (0.54)) from QUASTOR.

Yannick Fardin, son of Louis, was taken by "the same passion and the same virus" as his grandfather, and that is why he invested in the breeding. The rise of BALOUBET du ROUET in high level competitions allowed the breeding to gain a reputation in the equine world. It is following this ascension that Yannick decided to keep the exclusivity of this quality genetics.

Today, it is with his wife Sandrine and his son Pierre that Yannick continues to develop the breeding with more than 40 broodmares on the site, an insemination and stallion center, a competition stable managed by Christophe Lemoine...


Elevage du Rouet