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L'élevage du Rouet is located in the Manche region, very close to the Mont Saint-Michel, in the town of Saint Aubin de Terregatte. Our breeding center has been expanding itself for over 100 years now, from one generation to the next. 

With a passion for sport horses, our family is breeding many foals each year, respecting the mother line of our breeding center. 

Over the years, our breeding center has developed itslef offering many services :

- Artificial insemination,

- Management of the breeding career of our stallions, and our client's stallions,

- Breeding of sport horses from 0 to 3 years old,

- Training for the sales of horses, for stallions' approval, for competitions... in view of their commercialization. 

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Our story

Since 1920

How it all started... 

The story begins with a discrete but wise man, who devoted his life to building a nice farm, Louis Fardin, born in 1912, from a farming family. In 1920, his father came to rent the Grand Rouet farm in JUILLEY. In this region, at that time, the horse was only assigned to work the land. In 1937, Louis succeeded his father and developed the farm.

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Elevage du Rouet