Elevage du Rouet

Insemination center

Artificial insemination :

Elevage du Rouet offers to inseminate your mares:

- In AI (Artificial Insemination in Fresh) thanks to the stallions stationed on the spot for the breeding season. Your mares must be on our site at the time of the AI.

- In AIRT (Artificial Insemination Refrigerated Transported) for the stallions stationed on the spot for the season. The semen is then sent to the insemination center of your choice within 24 hours.

- In FAI (Frozen Artificial Insemination) for the stallion of your choice available in frozen. All you have to do is send the straws of this stallion to Elevage du Rouet.

At Elevage du Rouet, the mares are kept in a box/paddock during heat monitoring and then put out to pasture while waiting for the gestational diagnosis.

Embryo transfer :

The rental of a recipient mare :

Elevage du Rouet puts at your disposal about 40 recipient mares to receive the embryos of your mares if you do not wish to have your own recipient mare.

These mares are selected and vaccinated against influenza, tetanus and rhinopneumonia.

The rental of a "recipient mare" starts at the time of the gestational diagnosis at 45 days which will confirm that this one is full of your embryo, until the weaning of your foal and costs 3000 € VAT Excl. (the pensions and/or expenses of the mare are not included in the price of the rental).

No insurance will be taken by the breeding center in case of abortion of the recipient mare or death of your foal at birth.

Elevage du Rouet